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We are here to address the safety & security concerns of Old Town Albuquerque. We represent residents, merchants, and property owners.

If you are ready to move forward and support the private security effort in Old Town, please subscribe:

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Below are the boundaries for the on-call security for Old Town Albuquerque.

All property owners, merchants, & residents, within these boundaries are able to call the security company.

Property Owners | Security Subscription

We need everyone to help make a difference. Subscribe now for on-call 24/7 security in Old Town.

Tier 1

Property owners with 1 tenant


Tier 2

Property owners with between 2-4 tenants


Tier 3

Property owners with between 5-9 tenants


Tier 4

Property owners with between 10-18 tenants


Merchants | Security Subscription

We need everyone to help make a difference. Subscribe now for on-call 24/7 security in Old Town.


Merchants within Old Town


Residents | Security Subscription

We need everyone to help make a difference. Subscribe now for on-call 24/7 security in Old Town.


Residents within Old Town


Security Details

QGear LLC is a local private security group operated by Robert Garcia – Director of Operations. The Safety & Security Committee of the Historic Old Town Association met with QGear in June to discuss the details of the security patrols.

What Services will QGear provide?
A Q Gear, LLC security officer will conduct one (1) daily patrol of the entire Historic Old Town Association Boundaries (see map at the top of the page) and the designated parking areas. This proposal includes unlimited calls for service by all residents, merchants, and property owners. The security officer will document any and all activity occurring while on property as well as document any calls for service. Officer will be available for emergency response calls 24 hours per day. Individuals found on property without permission will be removed per City of Albuquerque criminal trespass/loitering ordinance. All reports and pictures will be forwarded, via email, for your review weekly. Incident reports will be forwarded immediately.

Why QGear?
In our opinion, QGear has a great advantage in two ways. 1) They already patrol many of the surrounding properties around Old Town (see the references below) and 2) they have a unique model where ANYONE within the Historic Old Town Association can call for service. This means that ALL properties fall under the security agreement and there is no checkerboard of properties that don’t have security services. With this proposal, ALL properties in Old Town are covered.

QGear References & Current Client List:
See the client list here.

The goal is to provide and organize effective security measures that take a large step towards resolving many of the security related issues around Old Town.

It is our hope that everyone helps pay for security in Old Town. Property owners who own large properties & larger merchants pay a larger amount while property owners who own smaller properties and smaller merchants pay less. It is impossible to allocate and then enforce exactly who pays what. So we set up a system based on the number of tenants for property owners while businesses and residents start with the same rate. Then we ask for an additional amount upon checkout in $25 increments for those larger merchants and anyone who is willing to pay more (monthly).

We ask that everyone think about the value that comprehensive on-call security brings to Old Town and what you would be willing to pay for that service, and then match that amount with your subscription. Be as generous as you can. That is how we will be successful in Old Town.

San Felipe de Neri Church in 1874