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The Heart of the
American Southwest

With more than 150+ galleries, shops, restaurants, & museums, Old Town Albuquerque is a must-do travel destination.


A high-desert oasis
steeped in history & lore


Where the ancient
meets old
meets new

Wishing Well in a Plaza Courtyard in Old Town Albuquerque

Nestled between the Sandia mountains (Spanish for watermelon) and three volcanoes (the Three Sisters) is a rift carved by the Rio Grande River that is home to a historic farming community, turned outpost, and then officially a village in 1706 that predates the forming of the United States by four generations. This village – which has flown the flags of three nations (Spain, Mexico, U.S.A.), was center-stage for the brutal merger of two civilizations, and has become one of the most unique and culturally significant melting pots in the history of the United States – is known as Old Town Albuquerque, NM.


Come and explore a town where the buildings are formed out of the earth itself, sculpted of mud brick (adobe) with roofs suspended by large beams of sugar pine (vigas). Where seeds from distinct crops grew into a culinary tradition stretching back half a millennia and artisanal traditions passed down by generations skillfully creating pottery, jewelry, and rugs with bygone methods. With a truly unique culture that has influenced art, language, and wars the world over, Old Town Albuquerque is truly the Heart of the Southwest.

A nationally designated historic site founded in 1706, Old Town Albuquerque is home to more than 150 independent restaurants and boutiques alongside world-class museums and historic lodging making it an unforgettable getaway.

Postcard from 1910 looking north across the plaza towards San Felipe de Neri Church
Interior of Church San Felipe de Neri Old Town Albuquerque
Christmas Eve Luminarias in Old Town Albuquerque
Territorial Adobe Building in Old Town Albuquerque
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