We care about the culture, history, vibrancy, and success of Old Town Albuquerque, and we want you to be a part of it!

There are so many ways to get involved, but a great start is to join the communication.

Old Town Communication

Join the Old Town Newsletter

The newsletter goes out monthly and when there are important notices and events. This is where you will be notified of updates to the Old Town area, road closures, events, opportunities to promote your business, etc.

Old Town Association Updates & Meetings

The newly formed Old Town Association has officially formed and we meet monthly. We represent everyone in Old Town:

  • Residents
  • Property owners
  • Merchants & service providers

To find out more about our next meetings and what we are working towards, join our email group by selecting the “Old Town Association Updates” in the form to the left.

Become a Member


Why Should I Join?

For the good of Old Town. The OTA exists to support, unify, preserve, and enhance the Old Town area for the benefit of the merchants & service providers, property owners, residents, and those who visit Old Town.

What is the cost?

Its free! There are no membership dues whatsoever.

I just want to complain and have you fix my problems. What if I don't want to do any work?

This is probably not for you. There is no glory in becoming a member or benefit to becoming a member if you are not willing to play an active role in the association.

So what work do I have to do? I'm so busy!

Yes, we know. You can play as small or as large of a role as you would like. Join a sub-committee, make a difference in historical preservation, help plan events for old town, safety, beautification, and so much more! Have an idea? Get the ok from the board and run with it and the board will support you.