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Did you know that the traffic to this website has grown by 75% year over year?

That’s why its worth paying for a listing on Additionally, all of the money goes towards the Historic Old Town Association which is a non-profit organization focused on making Old Town the best it can be. Stats

Visits to this Website per year
Pageviews /year
Visitor Avg Engagement Time
Clicks from Google Search /year
For the income generated from these listings, where will the money go?
75% of the money gained through this website will be managed by the Historic Old Town Association.
25% of the income goes towards hosting, maintenance, upkeep and marketing of the website.
How Does Pricing Work?
Pricing for a listing on the website is unique to the category of the business. The listing categories are:
  • Shopping
  • Where to Eat & Drink
  • Things to Do (Tours is included)
  • Where to Stay

Within each listing category there are 4 types of listings that you can purchase:

  1. Free (Only available to Historic Old Town Association Members)
  2. Basic
  3. Plus
  4. Premium

To learn more about the different types of listings, view our Listing Examples page. Historic Old Town Association Members get 75% discount off of all listings.

Shopping | “Where to Eat & Drink” Listings

  • Basic: $75 /year
  • Plus: $195 /year
  • Premium: $995 /year

“Things to Do” Listings

  • Basic: $500 /year
  • Plus: $1,000 /year
  • Premium: $5,000 /year

“Where to Stay” Listings

  • Basic: $10 per room /year. Minimum $200
  • Plus: $15 per room /year. Minimum $500
  • Premium: $50 room /year. Minimum: $1000


$ Free

Per Year
  • Business Name
  • Address
  • Description (25 words)
  • Featured Image

Purchase Featured


$ 75

Per Year
  • Business Name
  • Address
  • Description: (500 words. Excerpt, 25 words)
  • Featured Image
  • Link to Website
  • Phone
  • Email
  • Tags: Allows visitors to filter by tag while searching.
  • Dynamic Linking: Whenever your business is written about via the blog, it will be dynamically linked back to your specific page.
Purchase Featured

PlusBest Value

$ 195

Per Year
  • Everything in Basic
  • “Best of Old Town”: Featured & linked in the “Best of Old Town Albuquerque” post rewritten each year. One of the top traffic pages on the website.
  • Detailed Page Layout: Beautiful page layout with additional keywords & images for your specific page. 1k words.
Purchase Featured


$ 995

Per Year
  • Everything in Plus
  • Featured Listing: Whenever this business is listed it will be above other businesses, therefore always listed first.
  • Featured Badge: Red featured badge at the top left of the listing.
Purchase Featured